Wheat Belly: 12 rules for healthy eating | Dr. William Davis

Wheat Belly: 12 Rules For Healthy Eating | Dr. William Davis

Here is an updated list of the Wheat Belly approach to healthy eating, adding basic strategies for recultivating a healthy intestinal microbiome.

A hundred thousand years ago, you’d have no doubt what and how to eat. You would wake up every morning, grab your spear, club, or axe and go kill something, wander and gather berries, nuts, or dig in the dirt for roots and tubers, or set traps for fish and reptiles. If you succeeded in the hunt, you would consume every organ that included thyroid, thymus, pancreas, stomach, liver, as well as meat. You’d drink water from streams and rivers and allow your skin surface to be exposed to sunlight. You would NOT shower with soap or shampoo, apply hand sanitizer, drink chlorinated water, consume foods laced with herbicides and pesticides or genetically-modified foods containing glyphosate or Bt toxin, or take antibiotics for a viral infection. You succeeded in diet without knowing anything about calories, fat grams, carbs, etc. but just following instinct and need.

While we’ve enjoyed many technological successes these past 100 years, we have also experienced what it means to be given awful dietary advice that ruins health and be subjected to healthcare-for-profit. While there is more to health than diet, just getting diet right is crucial. Let’s therefore consider some of the basic truths in diet that help you regain a toehold in health and weight. If you want to eat for health, not to satisfy some silly food pyramid or plate scheme crafted by commercial interests, then you should:

Beyond diet, recognize that modern life—NOT the diet—has created deficiencies of several nutrients such as iodine, magnesium, and vitamin D that, if not addressed, will limit health success. This is why the Wheat Belly lifestyle is based on eating healthily but goes further in addressing these common deficiencies. Also recognize that modern life has created a disastrous microbiome lacking beneficial species like Lactobacillus reuteri and Faecalibacterium prausnitizii while dominated by unhealthy Gram-negative anaerobes like Salmonella and Citrobacter.

I hope that this list illustrates just how far off-course the modern diet has wandered. Look around you and see the result: obesity, all-you-can-eat buffets, record-setting medical bills, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth in every third or fourth American, and healthcare fat cats profiting from the health and weight disaster. But you know better than that. Follow your instincts. There are no obese squirrels, possum, or lions, yet they don’t follow a food pyramid or plate, don’t have dietitians to guide them, don’t have a health insurance card to cover doctor visits.

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