The Wholesome Child’s Top Healthy Eating Tips and Tricks

The Wholesome Child’s Top Healthy Eating Tips And Tricks
What are your top three tips for fussy eaters?

I’m always keen to reassure parents that fussy eating is incredibly common and thankfully a phase that most little ones grow out of.

Kid’s menus tend to lean towards quick, fried food. What are you tips for making sure your kids still eat a nutritious meal when eating out?

This is something that’s a real issue for me! I’d love to see more nutritious options on kid’s menus at more restaurants. My advice is to skip the kid’s menu and rather look for a healthy starter option from the adult menu instead. Another great option is to share a main meal. My kids often share an adult meal.

The perfect snacks for playground fun?

Trying to convince little ones to sit down and eat when there is an array of fun slides and swings on offer can be a challenge! It’s for this reason that I often suggest engaging snacks at playgrounds – like a nutritious beetroot or butternut hummus along with some cut up veggie sticks or sweet potato crackers. Children love the act of dipping and the vibrant visual element will encourage them too. For a sweet snack, my Wholesome Child Banana Bread (nut-free) recipe is always a hit with all ages.

Your top kid-friendly cafes and why? 
Your top kid-friendly restaurants and why?
How do you instill good healthy eating habits early on?

Setting children up with a genuine appreciation of nutritious wholefoods and understanding the importance of health is one of the greatest gifts we can give our little ones. It’s vital that adults role-model healthy eating behaviours and positive discussions around food and body image. Limiting children’s exposure (especially in the very early years) to processed and convenience foods ensures that their taste-buds can fully enjoy the tastes of natural food – free from excessive sugars, salts and preservatives.

Your top fun party foods that are still healthy?

Party food and birthday parties are a large and important part of most children’s lives. My mission with my book has been to give traditional recipes a healthy overhaul – showing that it is very easy and achievable to make party food and sweet snacks nutritious. In my book I feature a range of other party food recipes including:

What are your no fails when catering to children with allergies, intolerances and dietary preferences?

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