Mitieli Survives Cancer With Healthy Eating Habits

Mitieli Survives  Cancer With Healthy Eating Habits

A cancer survivor has urged everyone to start making changes for the better in their lifestyle, in particular eating healthy nutritious food.

Mitieli Baravi of Lajonia, Labasa shared this advice during the Pink­tober Celebrations at the Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC) in Labasa yes­terday.

“I would have already died if it wasn’t for the change in my eating habits,” Mr Baravi said.

“My doctors told me that I had till November last year to live. That is when I realised that I needed to do something with my life.”

Mr Baravi said doctors had to re­move about two feet of intestine and hope of survival seemed to be on the far end for him.

“I did not know what to do with my life,” he said.

At this point in time last year, he had already progressed to stage four of Colorectal Cancer.

“I possessed the will and knew that I had to continue living so I switched to healthy diets,” Mr Bar­avi said.

“I now have a daily dose of car­rot juice, celery, coconuts and paw­paws. Even my doctors were sur­prised that I managed to make it this far,” he added.

Mr Baravi said that the doctors were already prescribed chemo­therapy treatment at the hospital but he needed to show the initiative from his side.

“As patients we must surely do our part as well,” he said.

“I’ve made significant progress to the extent whereby I have even ven­tured out and been cutting cane in the fields this season in Labasa.

“Everyone was surprised to see me doing this. If you are aware of any cancer symptoms, it is always advisable to take precautions.”

FSC Mill manger, Michael Fak­taufon, also urged all employees to undergo regular medical examina­tions.

“For those of you who have not been tested, please do so,” he said.

Mr Faktaufon said that men could also be equal contributors in the battle with cancer in the society.

“Best way to fight is also to change our mindset,” he said.

Edited by Percy Kean

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