Making Healthy Eating Easy, with Guest Melissa Metcalf Le Roy; and Musical Guest Rommel Sacan on “The LIFE CHANGES Show,”#544 | LIFE CHANGES NETWORK

Making Healthy Eating Easy, With Guest Melissa Metcalf Le Roy; And Musical Guest Rommel Sacan On “the Life Changes Show,”#544 | Life Changes Network

“Making Healthy Eating Easy,” with Guest, Certified Holistic Nutritional Practitioner (CHNP), Nutrition Coach, Melissa Metcalf Le Roy; and Musical Guest, Singer, Songwriter, Rommel Sacan, on “The LIFE CHANGES Show,”#544



“I dropped from a size 16 to a size 0!” – Melissa Metcalf Le Roy

Melissa is a Certified Holistic Nutritional Practitioner (CHNP) who after years of weight gain and chronic pain sought the help of doctors and has ended up with nine prescriptions, but with no long term solution.

After meeting with Dr. Joseph V. Picone she was diagnosed with a rare disease. On Dr. Picone`s recommendation, she added digestive enzymes and altered her diet. She overcomes her inflammation and an overgrowth of bad gut bugs and has lost close to ninety pounds she had put on while battling this illness.

Melissa currently works at Foothills Wellness Center where she helps people heal themselves. She is a nutrition coach who shares her menus on her blog On Fire Healing. She has been awarded her CHNP license and a certificate in Native American Health Studies through Western Carolina University. Once overweight and unhealthy she now actively participates in road races, half marathons and Spartan Races.

More about Melissa Metcalf Le Roy, Foothills Wellness Center, and On Fire Healing, at:, and on Facebook at:

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