#LiveOnIBB Session 1 – QnA with Yatinder Singh – IBB – Indian Bodybuilding

#liveonibb Session 1 – Qna With Yatinder Singh – Ibb – Indian Bodybuilding

Yatinder Singh has one of the most inspirational journeys in the world of Indian Bodybuilding. His rise to success, downfall owing to an injury and then his race to a globally renowned status – is phenomenal. Who would even think, looking at this muscular guy, that he was left confined to a wheel chair after a brutal spinal injury? He was compelled to stay away from bodybuilding for almost 4 years post which he decided to re-enter the profession. Yatinder has lifted himself from the lowest phase of his life with his determination and tireless dedication.

Today, he stands as an eminent fitness figure with his own gym – Otwo Gym n Spa. He is also a certified personal trainer from ACE (American Council of Exercise for Personal Training) and ACSM. He therefore, has immense knowledge about human anatomy, physiology, nutrition.  Yatinder is known for his fitness lectures but for the first time he has come forward to connect to a Facebook audience in a live health and fitness session.

Posted by Indian Bodybuilding on Saturday, 1 April 2017

In this live session, Yatinder has shared his views and observations on various aspects of bodybuilding like working out routines, workout related injuries and how to avoid them. He has also shared his vast knowledge regarding use of supplements – be it Creatine or BCAA. He also emphasised on the importance of a good diet and what role it plays in bodybuilding. Yatinder has time and again stated that he does not support anabolic steroids. Wishing to guide the youth on this sensitive issue, he has asked them to reach out to him on his Facebook page – Yatinder Singh The Catalyst where he can address their concerns. Yatinder also shares beautifully the 5 essential steps that can help a person reach his fitness goals.

Not just this, he also clears the age old myth that bodybuilding makes a woman look manly. He beautifully states the numerous benefits a woman gets when she starts weight training. He has also shared his views on women empowerment.

This is just a snapshot of what this session has to offer. Check out the video and assimilate all the knowledge that he has poured in. We are sure that your health routine will improve immensely after this.

We thank Yatinder from the bottom of our hearts for joining hands with us in our initiative of taking health and fitness to the masses. In the days to come, we will keep connecting you to renowned athletes. So stay tuned with us!

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