Japanese man loses 68.5kg in 1 year, plans to continue weight training & healthy eating from now on – Mothership.SG – News from Singapore, Asia and around the world

Japanese Man Loses 68.5kg In 1 Year, Plans To Continue Weight Training & Healthy Eating From Now On – Mothership.sg – News From Singapore, Asia And Around The World

Japanese YouTuber Ruibosu cut his body weight in half within a year, shedding a total of 68.5kg during that time.

Ruibosu first uploaded a video in Sep. 2019, showing his weight of 137kg, with a body fat percentage of 42.9.

He started out by jumping rope, doing sit-ups, planking and lifting weights, Sora News reported. By exercising and watching his diet, he lost 30kg within three months.

In Aug. 2020, the YouTuber released a summary video documenting his transformation in his weight loss journey.

After sheer hard work, this is what he looks like now:


Ruibosu said that he was relentless in his workouts on the roof, even when it was raining heavily.



According to Soranews, Ruibosu highlighted how consistency was the key. Rather than overdoing it and injuring himself, he made sure to meet the monthly weight loss numbers he had set for himself. Losing five kg every month.

This was achieved through cardio workouts, including skipping, and weight training. And of course, a healthy diet.

He plans to eat healthy and continue his active lifestyle from here on out.


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