India’s Fitness Icon Sahil Khan reveals the importance of choosing the right fitness coach – IBB – Indian Bodybuilding

India’s Fitness Icon Sahil Khan Reveals The Importance Of Choosing The Right Fitness Coach – Ibb – Indian Bodybuilding

The concept of health and fitness has transformed beautifully in India, in the past few years. We have come to realize that gyming, exercising, following a good diet is not only for bodybuilders or athletes. Every person who wishes to have a healthy and a successful life needs to follow these principles of well-being. This is why even a common man is approaching personal trainers and health coaches. However, how do you ascertain that you have got the right coach and you are getting the right training? To solve this dilemma for you, Fitness Icon ‘Sahil Khan’ has stepped in. Sahil Khan has launched his own online training platform which is now open to all. You can learn about health, fitness and personality enhancement, lifestyle changes and much more from the expert himself. With his vast pool of knowledge, Sahil stands today as not just a fitness but a lifestyle coach.

Sharing his view on the difference between a personal trainer and a lifestyle coach , Sahil says “Well a fitness coach transforms only your body but a lifestyle coach transforms your lifestyle in  a way that transforms or enhances your overall personality. Be it fitness, or the right attitude, or your personality a lifestyle coach can guide you through all. While a fitness coach only teaches the right workout and diet, a lifestyle coach teaches you how to conduct yourself in professional sphere as well. Sharing his view on the difference between the two, Sahil said that “A lifestyle coach is involved in your lifestyle, and transforms your whole personality whereas a trainer is just in the gym.”

Your personal trainer plays a very crucial role in determining your progress. A good trainer knows the art of motivating his client to extract the best out of him. He stays with you at every step to ensure that you never deviate from the right path throughout your journey. Sahil states that “You have to be lucky to find a good trainer. He is your guide and he needs to be the right guy. It is very important to find a genuine person otherwise you will be playing with your life. Hence, a good, authentic coach is important and for obvious reasons, good things are expensive.”

Sahil Khan PosingYes, we agree that finding a good coach is the first step that you take towards a healthy living. However, how do you define a ‘good’ coach or trainer? The first thing that you need to look at while choosing a trainer is his qualification and his experience. There are plenty of trainers out there who have degrees and certifications and who offer short term courses on health. You need to choose the one whose training has yielded better results. Sahil gave us a very interesting perspective on choosing a right trainer. He said that “Choose a trainer whom you have been seeing since years and who has shown a great consistency over the years. If he is to teach others, he should first implement it in himself. My movie came out almost 16 years ago. I am 41 now and biologically my physique should have weakened from what it was back then. But my physique has only got better. It is because I have been consistent over the years. It is all in front of you. So, choose a trainer whom you have been observing and seeing for long.” Well, when it comes to consistency and results, Sahil is the perfect example. He therefore, stands as an ideal coach who has walked through different phases of bodybuilding himself and therefore has the capability to take you through it successfully.

Sahil Khan at GymNow that being said, where do you find such a trainer? How are you supposed to get access to someone who is reliable and trustworthy? Well this is where the hard work lies. You will have to take initiative and look for a trainer. It is not that only expensive gyms and institutes will have good trainers. When we asked Sahil about this, he said that “You can find a good trainer even in a local gym. Every city in India has good trainers. You will have to go and look for him. Go and find which trainers have been there since a long time with a consistent physique and results. Go to them and ask for help. May be that they are more expensive than the local trainers but you will get what you pay for.”Well this is true. Running after cheap supplements, equipment, diet and trainers; cannot get you an applaudable physique. Sahil’s training modules are for sure expensive but they come with the assurance of his years of knowledge, tested workout and diet plans that guarantee a total transformation when followed correctly.

Internet has emerged as the next big thing in bodybuilding. If it is getting difficult to search for a trainer or there are no trainers around who you would want to consider then you can very well avail ‘Online Training’. It might sound a little casual but trust us, it is not. Online trainers are also focused, qualified and dedicated professionals who monitor your progress and guide you on your way to fitness through internet. We asked Sahil to share his view on online training and why people are so hesitant about it. He said that, “It’s new that’s why. People were reluctant to even go to the gym 15 years back. When I was doing Style, people used to mock me. People used to say that I am too bulky and they don’t want such a heavy body etc. But now look what has happened. People want muscles. They want to look big. Same is the case with online training. People are of the opinion that they don’t want an online coach. If you already have a good coach physically there then you are lucky but not everyone is lucky. People who don’t have access to a good coach can get one online.  Bodybuilding is all about nutrition, timing and knowledge. As long as you are getting this, it does not matter the coach in online or physically there.”

Sahil Khan with Sheru AangrishNow every coin has two sides. While online coaching is convenient and gives you access to a world of knowledge, there are chances of you meeting the wrong people too. There are plenty of unqualified and inefficient trainers who promise great results and end up cheating the ignorant people. You have to be careful about these matters while hiring an online trainer. We asked Sahil about the risks associated with online training and he said that “Yes, there are risks. Some of my friends too have been cheated in the name of online training. It happens a lot. This is why I wanted to ensure that my clients get what they deserve. I am probably the most expensive online trainer. I charge $1000 for a 14-week transformation plan. However, I take only a select few people as my students. Only the people who are sincere and dedicated become my students. I give in my best and my students have to do the same, give their best if they want results. I teach them personally and share my knowledge and expertise with them. I plan their diet and workout. These select students also get my personal mobile number so that they can reach me whenever they need me. They can talk to me directly. A lot of people tell me why Sahil is charging $1000 when others are taking $100 or $200. The answer is pretty simple. Others are not sharing their mobile numbers. They are not talking to you directly. They are not meeting you personally. They are not taking your picture updates. They are not giving any kind of personal assistance. I personally put down plans for my students. I am genuinely writing emails to them, there is no automated system doing it for me. A person sitting in a different part of the world sends you 3-months plan on an email and you pay hundreds of dollars for it, that’s foolish. This is why Sahil Khan is expensive, because he is genuinely into this.”

Sahil Khan Lifting WeightsWell, this surely gives the true picture of Sahil Khan’s training courses. He sure is expensive but the value his coaching provides does the justice to the expense involved. The high price also ensures that only the dedicated ones will actually try and approach him. While talking to him we sensed that Sahil has no tolerance for people who are not serious about their goals. He does not want to take up students who are negligent and play around with routines and diet. It is like Sahil said that he is not God. If he puts in 50%; the remaining 50% needs to come in from the student to ensure results.

Sahil, while sharing his humble message with his readers and fans said that one should make realistic goals. He stated that, “Bodybuilding is the most expensive sport and the more money you invest in your body, the better the body looks. It is unfortunate but it is the truth. You have to put in more money to get a better house or a better car, right? Then why do you think that they by investing less in yourself, you will get better results. You need a good gym, a good coach, good diet – everything needs to be good to get a good physique. I am not saying that one who does not have money should not enter this sport. It is not about rich and poor. Every sport, every profession has its own set of requirements which need to be fulfilled. And this sport demands gym, diet, supplement, coaching etc. People set unrealistic goals for themselves. They admire an athlete who is the best in the world but they don’t have the budget to sustain that and then they end up on the wrong path. They fall for steroids, they start looking for short-cuts, start over exerting their body and thus cause more harm than benefit. Simply working out for 10 hours will not help if you don’t have the proper diet and supplementation. It’s a whole lifestyle, you need to understand that.” 

Sahil Khan has been a coach to more than 500 students so far. Some have become trainers, while others have successfully entered into modelling. There are some who are trying to be professional athletes. The fact that Sahil believes is nothing but the best and that is what he has planned for his students too comes out very prominently in our conversation with the fitness icon.

Today you can find a coach in every nook and corner of the city with some random certifications. However, one needs to understand that to have a coach is certainly important but more important is to have a genuinely knowledgeable coach. Not surprisingly, a wrong coach can give you devastating results or no results at all.  Be it online or through physical presence, only the knowledge and dedication of your coach combined with your dedication and discipline can give you the outstanding results you desire.

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