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Tel Earthey, owner of Tel Island Food Bar, is hoping to inspire others to enjoy Christmas while staying on track

A HESWALL healthy-eating chef is hoping to prove that you can enjoy Christmas without overindulging.

Keep-fit fanatic Tel Earthey, owner of Tel Island Food Bat on Milner Road, launched the healthy eating cafe and takeaway earlier this year.

The food bar offers takeaways, self-serve salad bar and meal prep – not to mention ‘cheat day’ cake, protein shakes, smoothies and tea and coffee.

Now, Tel wants to help others ease into the New Year by taking control of what they eat.

He says watching what you eat – while still enjoying festive treats – will mean that it will be less difficult to make healthier changes after Christmas.

Tel told the Globe: “If you’re thinking about hitting the gym in January and losing the weight that’s been on your mind for a while, but then eat and drink too much over Christmas, it’s going to be very hard mentally and physically to adapt to a new routine.

Christmas prep boxes from Tel Island Food Bar

“So before the rush of Christmas begins and the parties are in full swing, it’s worth taking a look at what you want to achieve in January and looking at how eating well now can mean you sail through training.

“Fitness after a period of careless eating can be very difficult and mean money is lost because a food plan is not right, leading to stress and then going back to square one.

“It’s entirely possible that making the smallest changes to diet now and measuring calorie and portion size, which we do at Tel Island, can mean being summer-ready by March.”

Tel Island Food Bar are already creating Christmas food prep boxes for customers to stay on track this festive season.

Tel’s top tips to weight loss and staying healthy in 2020 are:

For more information about Tel Island Food Bar, visit https://www.facebook.com/telislandfoodbar/ and follow them on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/telislandfoodbar/

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