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Food is any substance; liquid or solid, which is consumed by living organisms especially by eating or drinking in order to sustain life.

Food is the primary source through which the body acquires nutrients needed for growth, defense (boosting the immune system), sustainance metabolism and strength.  However, unhealthy eating habits in humans in recent times is now the leading cause of sicknesses and ill health amongst people. Such unhealthy foods and unhealthy eating habits leads to the breakdown of the body’s immune system. 

What a person eats either elongates or shortens his life span.

Pitfalls to avoid in healthy feeding.

Unhealthy feeding is caused by bad eating habits. Here are some bad habits you should learn to avoid.

1). Skipping Breakfast: Breakfast according to research is the most important meal of the day and should not be skipped. According to research, it reduces the chances of one developing gastritis or stomach ulcer.

2). Binge-Eating: Binge-eating is an anomaly which is characterized by binging or overeating. This is consuming at a go much more than the body needs at that moment resulting most of the time in constipation which in turn is very discomforting.

3). Eating Late At Night: Eating too close to bed time will all give you sleeping difficulty since your body will labour much harder digesting the food consumed.

4). Emotional Eating: Emotional or stress eating is another unhealthy common eating disorder. This usually occurs when one is usually driven by certain emotions to eats even when they are not hungry.

5). Avoid Unhealthy Foods And Drinks (Junk Foods):  These foods are almost not good for consumption for health’s sake. The chemicals used in preserving it are extremely toxic and are some of the leading causes of cancer and organ failure. Go for natural foods instead.

6). Eating During Other Activities: Eating while watching T.V., working, reading, cooking, etc tempts you to overeat without knowing it.

7). Avoid eating foods high in calories to avoid excessive weight gain or becoming obsessed.

Remember you’re what you eat, and health is wealth so therefore eat to health.

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