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Healthy eating over the Easter Weekend | TLC for Wellbeing

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The Easter weekend is a time to relax, unwind and enjoy spending time with family and friends.
For those of you who have made exceptional efforts to lose weight and become healthy over the past months the temptation to overindulge can be stressful!
All the visits to friends and family and eating out can reverse all the good if you do not choose healthier options during this time.
Making the right choices will allow you to still enjoy all the festivities and ensure that you do not dread the scale next week.
South Africans love their braais and this type of meal can be ideal … so enjoy.
Here’s some tips: Portion size
Why not choose to eat off a smaller plate.  Take a bit of everything on offer and if you have to add more, choose leafy options (salads). Reduce fat content of your meals.
Choose fish, lean pork fillets or chicken breasts (remove the skin).  These have the lowest fat content with the highest being lamb and beef. Choose the greener option.
Salads can be a wonderful source of nutrients, with so many options and variations.  So bulk up on salads and reduce intake of carbohydrates and meats. Liquid Intake.
Be careful of alcoholic drinks.  Increase water intake over the entire festive season. Snacking
Choose healthy options when snacking – crispy sliced veggies with a low fat dip is a good option.
Careful of:  pretzels, popcorn, crips, peanuts and chocolates.  Try to limit high salt intake and beware of spices with preservatives and msg (monosodium glutamate). Keep active.
Try to do some exercise each day.  Take the stairs instead of the lift etc.

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