Healthy eating during COVID-19 – Go fakeaway rather than takeaway

Healthy Eating During Covid-19 – Go Fakeaway Rather Than Takeaway

Right now, you may be spending more time than ever at home thinking of what to eat. You might also find it easier to order takeaway delivered to your doorstep. However, convenience comes with a price both to your bank account and health. Here are three reasons why you should choose home-cooked meals over takeaways and tips to make cooking at home easier.

  1. Home cooked meals are healthier

Takeaway food is often less nutritious and higher in energy, harmful fats (saturated fats) and salt (sodium) compared to home-cooked meals. Your body needs good nutrition to stay healthy. Cooking at home means that you can control the ingredients in your dish and gives you the chance to include more vegies and wholegrains. Having a balanced diet is important to feed the body the nutrients it needs!

  1. You’ll save money

Do you know that preparing home-cooked meals on a regular basis is generally less expensive than buying similar options as takeaway? Planning is the key to saving money when it comes to cooking at home. Before you do your food shopping, spend some time planning your meals for the following week. Knowing what you will be cooking and having the ingredients you need at hand, makes mealtime so much easier.

If you need inspiration, check out the recipe collection on the Healthy Lunch Box website to choose some quick and easy meals and snacks. By cooking at home, you may be surprised by how much money you can save after a couple of weeks!

  1. Fakeaways can be tasty too!

Cooking at home means that you can have something the whole family will like.  And it’s far easier if you or a family member have special dietary requirements. Here are some delicious and healthy recipes from the Healthy Lunch Box website that you can try out at home.

Check out the recipes on the Healthy Lunch Box website that are dairy free, nut free, gluten free or vegetarian.

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