Green bean drink, effective summer heat relief drink – Healthy Living, Healthy Eating and Diet

Green Bean Drink, Effective Summer Heat Relief Drink – Healthy Living, Healthy Eating And Diet

Green bean drink, effective summer heat relief drinkHot summer season is upon us (at least here in North America) and people are seeking heat relief in any way they can find during the hot steaming days.

Green bean drink/soup is an economical, easy to make, and effective summer heat relieving drink.

Green bean, also known as mung bean, contains several kinds of vitamins (C, K, A, B6, B2, B1, and B3), molybdenum, magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, copper, and other elements. As such in addition to its nutrient values, green bean also has medical values in Chinese medicine.

In the hot summer days, green bean drink/soup is a favorite refreshing heat relieving drink.

Green bean natures cool, green bean drink has many benefits, mainly for relieving/clearing summer heat and detoxifying.

People who work in high temperature environments tend to lose large amount of liquid and potassium, resulting electrolyte imbalance. Green bean drink not only quenches thirst with liquid supplies but also replenishes the loss of the inorganic salts and restores electrolyte balance.

Green bean is detoxifying. In many cases of chemical and food positioning, hospitals sometimes feed the patient a bowl of green bean soup/drink for emergency treatment. People work in toxic environment or are exposed to toxic substances, should consume green bean regularly for detoxification care.

Green bean drink makingGreen bean drink making

There are many ways of making green bean drinks. There is no the way of making it. You can make it virtually any way you feel comfortable.

Easy way is to rinse the green beans then soak them in warm water for 20 minutes. Move the beans into a boiling pot and add plenty cold water, boil for 30-40 minutes. By this time, the beans should be almost fully burst and water should be green. Your drink is ready for cooling and drinking. Green bean coup is also ready for consumption.

Just a couple of things you need to pay attention.

Keep the lid on while boiling. Green beanā€™ skins are the main element for reliving or clearing summer heat while the insider contents are best for detoxification. Green bean skins contain polyphenols, once in contact with oxygen, polyphenols can be easily oxidized to quinones. Green bean water can easily turn from green into red color. With lid on, oxygen will not easily get in contact with green bean skins thus the water can be kept green. For best effective summer relief, green green bean water is the best.

To get the best of both, boil the water for 10-15 minutes, pour out the boiled water, and replenish it with new cold water, and continue to boil for 20-25 minutes. The early green bean drink will be good for heat relief while the later drink and soup are good for detoxification.

Add a couple piece of ice in would make the drink and the soup even enticing.

The green beans should not be overcooked to avoid damaging its contents thus reducing heat clearing and detoxification effect. On the other hand, undercooked green beans tend to have strong smell and may to lead to nausea, and vomiting following consumption.

Green bean drink good almost all people

Green beanGreen bean drink is general good for almost all the people, but as previously mentioned that green beans nature cold, certain body type of persons should be cautioned not to drink too much of it:

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