Grandma Keeps Winning Bodybuilding Competitions At 75 Years Old. These Are Her Secrets : AWM

Grandma Keeps Winning Bodybuilding Competitions At 75 Years Old. These Are Her Secrets : Awm

When she was 55-years-old Janice Lorraine decided it was time for a new hobby. She chose to dedicate herself to competitive bodybuilding and has not looked back ever since. Now at the age of 75, Lorraine, who is a retired psychologist, has earned 23 bodybuilding titles in her advancing years. And she has plans to continue competing until her 77th birthday when she will supposedly rack the weights once and for all.

The primary reason Lorraine picked up bodybuilding was to prevent herself from becoming “frail and old.” And it certainly has worked wonders. No one can claim that she is frail. Instead, she is rather strong and powerful for her age.

Lorraine lives in Australia and may be the country’s oldest competitive bodybuilder. She still trains six days each week and only eats a diet of “natural nude food.”

Lorraine is a proud grandmother who lives in Granville, Sydney. She plans to take the stage again for another natural bodybuilding competition in 2019 and is training for that one now. And it is likely that Lorraine will be the oldest person competing in her category, but that doesn’t lower her chances of winning as history has shown.

Although she loves to win awards and that keeps her training hard, she also wants to shatter misconceptions about aging. She has recently published her rigorous training schedule and her “nude food” diet to get other people excited about living a healthy life in their later years.

“My aim is to show what’s possible and to motivate and encourage women of any age, to live the life they want to live and not be bound by traditional stereotypes and roles and the expectations of others,” Lorraine told the Daily Telegraph.

The idea to pursue bodybuilding came as an epiphany when she watched an older woman struggling to walk. She did not want to become “like her.”

She marched into “the mail-dominated weights room” and began training her muscles.

“I had heard that Weight Resistance Training (WRT) was good for bone density and that it had been shown to be effective in preventing osteoporosis and so, in January 1998, I began WRT and decided that I would become a natural bodybuilder.”

In 1999, just fifteen months after she began her training in earnest, Lorraine competed in Sydney.

Lorraine’s diet is simple. She eats food without condiments or sauces. And she only eats unprocessed foods that are mainly in salad form or a microwaved piece of sweet potato. She gets her protein from grilled chicken, fish and eye fillet steak.

But don’t think she doesn’t give herself a treat. Every day she enjoys a biscuit and a 90 percent sugar-free chocolate each day. And every night she enjoys a glass of wine with her evening meal. Talk about discipline!

Lorraine hopes her story inspires other people to get off the couch and start training. WRT can give someone a lot of energy and hope for a healthy future. And she hopes that she can inspire someone who is 55 now to get into the gym and start working out so they can be healthy for the rest of their life.

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