From the Wellbeing Team – When ‘healthy eating’ becomes unhealthy

From The Wellbeing Team – When ‘healthy Eating’ Becomes Unhealthy

We also know that adolescence is the peak risk period for development of eating disorders. Athletes and students with a strong passion for sport may be especially vulnerable to developing eating disorders, particularly sports that emphasise weight and aesthetic ideals. For these reasons, it’s vital that our school community – our parents, staff and students – are mindful of the language we use around weight, shape and size, and the potential repercussions negative language can have on our impressionable students. 

Being aware of the ‘red flags’ around disordered eating is one way we can best support our students. With male adolescents in particular, we might notice the following warning signs:

Additional warning signs may include:

So how can we best support our students who are struggling with disordered eating or poor body image?  Your GP is a great ‘first base’ for help and can refer you to a health practitioner who specialises in eating disorders. Further information can also be found at:

The Knox Wellbeing Team is also able to support Knox families – please contact the Knox Wellbeing Centre reception via phone at 02 9119 0828 or via email at

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