Do’s & Don’ts of Healthy Eating:11 Tips to Guide You

Do’s & Don’ts Of Healthy Eating:11 Tips To Guide You

Obesity is one of the most important public health issues faced by the population in recent years, not only with respect to health but also on health care choices and expenses made by an individual. There are many predictors of obesity such as physical activity, genetics, and most important food choices. However, when we talk about food selection many factors come into picture including taste, nutrition, convenience, weight control, diet, variety, moderation and also cost is an important factor. Further, some of the barriers to healthy food selection are lack of time, stress, lack of concern. Another aspect of health depends on the metabolism of your body. “You are what you eat”, this saying speaks about our eating behavior and health.

In this article, we will focus on 11 most important tips that will help you to decide on good food choices for healthy eating behavior.

Don’t Skip Sleep: A lack of sound sleep will increase hunger cravings resulting in overeating and lead to weight gain. This is attributed to alteration in the levels of hormones related to appetite due to sleep deprivation.

Finally, I would suggest and advise you to incorporate some of the above guidelines in your lifestyle and stay healthy.


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