8 Healthy Eating Habits For Seniors

8 Healthy Eating Habits for Seniors

Source: As you get older, it becomes harder to maintain your health. That is why following certain eating habits is essential for your health. Try these 8 tips and you will see an instant improvement in your overall health condition. 1. Consume more liquids First and foremost, your body needs water, and as you […]

.:: How to Enjoy the Holidays Without Ruining Your Healthy Eating and Fitness Lifestyle by Ty Howard ::.

Health & Fitness CHANNEL The holiday season, Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, is often packed with guilt-ridden yummy treats and large, delicious, holiday meals. To also include during this time of year; tight schedules, and a string of parties or gatherings that make keeping a regular diet routine and staying fit more challenging. With morning […]

3 Healthy Eating Tips For Riders

3 Healthy Eating Tips for Riders

By Bridget Braden-Olson A horseback rider’s lifestyle is very different from that of the average person. When at the barn with your horse, time can slip away and eating is usually the last thing a rider is thinking about. Thinking that you are going to lose weight because you’re not eating but still doing barn […]

Top 25 Healthy Eating Blogs Of 2020

Top 25 Healthy Eating Blogs of 2020

Healthy eating has become a trending topic globally today. It is easier to eat fast foods and other unhealthy snacks in hotels but more and more people are coming out preferring to prepare their own nutritious and healthy meals at home due to the associated benefits. Sometimes, it could get confusing knowing the best healthy […]

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