Heart-healthy Eating With The Cardiometabolic Food Plan – Naples Center For Functional Medicine

Heart-Healthy Eating with the Cardiometabolic Food Plan – Naples Center for Functional Medicine

February is American Heart Health Month. When looking for heart-healthy recommendations like eating for heart health and exercising for heart-health, our functional medicine practitioners investigate a patient’s unique needs, offer education and guide individuals through customized wellness plans to adapt their lifestyle for heart health. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the […]

Magnus Lygdbäck’s simple 17/20 nutrition system for healthy eating

Magnus Lygdbäck is the personal trainer and nutritionist responsible for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars’ physiques. The Swedish coach trained Alicia Vikander for “Tomb Raider,” Gal Gadot for “Wonder Woman,” and Ben Affleck for “Justice League.” He’s also worked with Alexander Skarsgård, Katy Perry, and Harry Styles. As well as putting A-listers through their paces […]

There Are No Rules For Healthy Eating

There Are No Rules for Healthy Eating

We’re in the midst of a global pandemic and national political upheaval unlike anything we’ve seen in the past 150 years. Still, wellness influencers, major news outlets, and even the CDC are finding plenty of time to fret about dieting and weight gain. In response, anti-diet nutritionists, therapists, and activists have taken to social media to […]