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5 Healthy Eating Habits to Fight COVID-19, According to the CDC | Eat This Not That

Although there’s been a lot of scientific research around COVID-19, we still aren’t completely clear if there are specific foods that can help prevent or fight it in any capacity. However, numerous medical sources have been able to give concrete advice regarding nutrition and healthy eating habits that can help fight COVID-19, along with many...
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Heart-healthy Eating With The Cardiometabolic Food Plan – Naples Center For Functional Medicine

Heart-Healthy Eating with the Cardiometabolic Food Plan – Naples Center for Functional Medicine

February is American Heart Health Month. When looking for heart-healthy recommendations like eating for heart health and exercising for heart-health, our functional medicine practitioners investigate a patient’s unique needs, offer education and guide individuals through customized wellness plans to adapt their lifestyle for heart health. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the...
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Magnus Lygdbäck’s simple 17/20 nutrition system for healthy eating

Magnus Lygdbäck is the personal trainer and nutritionist responsible for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars’ physiques. The Swedish coach trained Alicia Vikander for “Tomb Raider,” Gal Gadot for “Wonder Woman,” and Ben Affleck for “Justice League.” He’s also worked with Alexander Skarsgård, Katy Perry, and Harry Styles. As well as putting A-listers through their paces...
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5 Healthy Eating Habits To Fight Covid-19, According To Harvard | Eat This Not That

5 Healthy Eating Habits to Fight COVID-19, According to Harvard | Eat This Not That

A healthy body and a healthy mind really do go a long way when warding off disease. According to Harvard Health, a healthy strong immune system can defeat invading pathogens and bacteria. By treating your body with care, you give yourself a better chance to fight COVID-19. This is why we turned to Harvard Health’s...
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5 Healthy Eating Habits To Fight Covid-19, According To The Who | Eat This Not That

5 Healthy Eating Habits to Fight COVID-19, According to the WHO | Eat This Not That

Let’s be clear about something right away: No food has been scientifically proven to specifically fight or prevent COVID-19 so far. The science behind this virus is still being researched and discovered. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) does have some key points regarding healthy eating habits to fight COVID-19, which are all related to...
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There Are No Rules For Healthy Eating

There Are No Rules for Healthy Eating

We’re in the midst of a global pandemic and national political upheaval unlike anything we’ve seen in the past 150 years. Still, wellness influencers, major news outlets, and even the CDC are finding plenty of time to fret about dieting and weight gain. In response, anti-diet nutritionists, therapists, and activists have taken to social media to...
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Healthy Eating: Avoid Portion Pitfalls – Blogs – Health And Wellness – Blue Cross And Blue Shield Of Texas

Healthy Eating: Avoid Portion Pitfalls – Blogs – Health and Wellness – Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas

Most people know that they should mostly eat healthy foods to maintain a healthy weight and avoid serious health problems. But there may be a big part of eating healthy that you’re not paying close enough attention to — portion sizes. What you eat matters. But how much you eat of different foods is important,...
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Build Healthy Eating Habits In The New Year With Advice From A Registered Dietician At Blue Cross

Build healthy eating habits in the New Year with advice from a registered dietician at Blue Cross

Sponsored Loading up on veggies and more from local businesses like Local Source Market & Grocery is never a bad idea. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now It comes as no surprise that about 45% of Americans made improving their diet a New Year’s resolution in 2020. Forming healthy eating habits that last can...
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Healthy Eating And Cancer Support | Teen Delivered | Acef

Healthy Eating and Cancer Support | Teen Delivered | ACEF

Young people as volunteer gardeners and chefs who experience the transformative power of serving and nurturing those in need while developing cooking and healthy eating skills. (Photos Surfer Mick) The Revive & Thrive Project delivers free, nutritious meals cooked by teen volunteer gardeners and chefs for cancer support. Wendy and I hashing out pesky little...
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Eat Your Veggies: 7 Creative Ways To Stick To Your Healthy Eating Goals

Eat Your Veggies: 7 Creative Ways To Stick To Your Healthy Eating Goals

It’s the new year and you’ve committed to healthy eating and to cook more at home…again. We know how hard it can be to stick to your healthy eating goals especially when you’re just eating bland boiled broccoli. Breakfast Recipes Perfect Green Smoothie Vegetables in the morning? You’re probably thinking “no way”. Before you scroll...
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