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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Re-Created His Dad’s Most Iconic Bodybuilding Photo

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Re-created His Dad’s Most Iconic Bodybuilding Photo

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Re-Created His Dad’s Most Iconic Bodybuilding Photo

Decades ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger struck a 3/4 bodybuilding pose that highlighted the fantastic capabilities of the human body. Recently, his son Joseph duplicated his legendary dad’s pose and did so brilliantly. Father Schwarzenegger should be proud of what his son accomplished in the gym on his own.

The iconic pose means a lot to many people.

Today, weightlifting and bodybuilding aren’t considered odd hobbies or lifestyles. Such was not the case before the 1980s. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s films changed people’s perceptions about hitting the gym and building up muscle mass. The classic documentary “Pumping Iron” further altered perceptions about the bodybuilding lifestyle.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 3/4 pose displayed what a human being could achieve when putting his/her mind to a physical task.

In Columbus, Ohio, the home location of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic fitness event, a bronze statue recreates a 20-something Arnold hitting the pose.

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Joseph Baena shares his dad’s love for bodybuilding. The two maintain a strong relationship and work out regularly in the gym. Joseph must feel lucky to have access to his father’s incredible knowledge about fitness and exercise. Joseph’s physique shows what happens when you put knowledge, discipline, and hard work into practice.

The 21-year-old duplicated his dad’s famous 3/4 pose and did so in an impressive fashion. Maybe Joseph and Arnold’s commitment to working out will inspire others to do the same.

Arnold maintains positive relationships with all his children. Not every member of his family shares a love for the gym, but they do share a love for one another.

What do you think of this father-son body builder duo? Tell the world about the wonders of the Schwarzenegger family and lifestyle. Others may even be impressed enough to start taking their health more seriously.

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