July 9, 2020
Dylan Sprouse In Riverdale Come Gemello Di Jughead – Teoria Ita

Dylan Sprouse in Riverdale come Gemello di Jughead – Teoria ITA

Sono passati anni da quando per la prima volta abbiamo visto Cole Sprouse recitare in Riverdale. Da quel momento in tanti si sono iniziati a chiedere quando anche Dylan Sprouse sarebbe entrato nella serie. In questo video teoria ita vediamo se è possibile incontrare il gemello di Jushead in Riverdale 4 o Riverdale 5 su...
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Self-compassion: The Often Missing Ingredient In Healthy Eating

Self-Compassion: The Often Missing Ingredient in Healthy Eating

During another tough day at work, Mary realizes she forgot to eat lunch. She’s starving. The salad she brought that day doesn’t appeal, especially when her office mate offers to share the pizza he ordered. Mary loves pizza so she takes a piece, eating it quickly because she is hungry but also feeling guilty over...
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