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June 2020
“money Does Not Buy Class”   A Dylan Gemelli Vlog

“Money Does NOT Buy Class” A Dylan Gemelli VLOG

Dylan Gemelli brings to light the fact that “Money does not buy class.” The message is loud and clear and sheds light on an ongoing problem in the world. Dylan is quickly becoming one of the most inspirational VLOGGERS on the internet… You DO NOT want to miss this VLOG! MAKE SURE to subscribe to...
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Coles Says These Toys Promote Healthy Eating. I Say That’s Rubbish

Coles says these toys promote healthy eating. I say that’s rubbish

Shutterstock As a parent, I find it so frustrating to take my children shopping, reusable bags in hand, only to be offered plastic toys at the checkout. It’s an incredibly confusing message to be sending kids. And it seems Coles is confused too. Last year the company stated it wants to be “Australia’s most sustainable...
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Dylan Gemelli With The Benefits Of L-arginine

Dylan Gemelli with the benefits of L-Arginine

watch as Dylan Gemelli discusses the benefits of L-Arginine
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National Nutrition Month: Tips For Healthy Eating | Institute Of Culinary Education

National Nutrition Month: Tips for Healthy Eating | Institute of Culinary Education

March is National Nutrition Month, a great opportunity to reassess our relationship with food and commit to making better food choices. There is a lot of advice for how we should eat, and it can get overwhelming. We know we should eat enough — but not too much — fat, protein and carbohydrates. And we...
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The Benefits Of Cannabis Oil:  By Dylan Gemelli

The benefits of cannabis oil: By Dylan Gemelli

MAKE SURE to see all of my old videos on the new Dylan Gemelli Video website at Do not miss out on the most innovative encyclopedia of information in the health and fitness world at Follow Dylan on social media to get constant updates, new content, special quotes, contest information, product information, the...
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