January 2020
Nootropics First Thing In The Morning? Not For Me. Here’s Why.

Nootropics first thing in the morning? Not for me. Here’s why. – Secure a bottle of the Cortex nootropic stack. – Head over to the world’s biggest nootropics blog.
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Formula Nootropics! | Cheat Codes For Your Brain…

FORMULA Nootropics! | Cheat Codes for your Brain…

I have had a great experience with this product for the past 3 months now so I figured I would share it with all of you as well… Check out the survey here – Affiliate code “talonsei” will save you 30% if you decide to give it a shot! Initial 30 Day test of...
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Sarms: Types, Uses, Side Effects And Benefits

SARMS: Types, Uses, Side Effects and Benefits

This video covers all the types of SARMS and various types of compounds that are often called SARMS. It is important to remember that SARMS are not approved for human consumption, I am not encouraging anyone to take them as this is completely experimental and the information in this video is simply my understanding of...
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Bodybuilding Grandma, 75, Eats Strictly ‘nude Food Diet’ To Keep In Shape – 77recipes

Bodybuilding Grandma, 75, Eats Strictly ‘Nude Food Diet’ To Keep In Shape – 77Recipes

Thanks to modern medicine, the average human’s life expectancy is an astonishing 79 years old. And this number is just an average! These days, more than hundreds, even thousands of elderly people live well into their 80s in developed nations, examples of which famously include Japan with its aging population. However, what is the point of such...
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Conditioning Check 3 Days Out From Olympia Amateur Sarms Only Prep

Conditioning check 3 days out from Olympia Amateur Sarms Only Prep

Three days out from the Olympia amateur classic physique 2019 trained for 5 hours a night for 10 weeks straight. Burgers and fries baby
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College Student Eats 70 Egg Whites A Day To Win Bodybuilding Contest – Fitness And Power

College Student Eats 70 Egg Whites a Day to Win Bodybuilding Contest – Fitness and Power

This was a productive year for 22 year old Chinese bodybuilder Zhang Nu. The college student won a bodybuilding contest after following a rather extreme diet of 70 egg whites per day. Zhang Nu, who lives in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, emerged victorious in the 168-centimeter (66-inch) classic bodybuilding category of the China University Bodybuilding...
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Can You Take Nootropics Everyday? Yes. Here’s How.

Can You Take Nootropics Everyday? Yes. Here’s How. – Cortex, a nootropic for extreme productivity and intense brain function. In this video, we’ll talk about the question of whether or not you should take nootropics everyday. I’ll give you some examples of how you CAN take nootropics everyday, how to cycle between stacks, and more.
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